Financial Data as of June 30, 2018 

Total ownership equity / Net worth 


Regulatory capital / Adjusted net capital 


House and proprietary margin requirements as a percentage of aggregate customer margin requirements 


Smallest number of futures customers that comprise 50 percent of the Company’s total funds held for customers Segregated: 25
Secured 30.7: N/A
Cleared Swaps: N/A
Aggregate notional value of the Company’s non-hedged, principal over-the-counter transactions 
Committed unsecured lines of credit available but not yet drawn upon Amount: $100,000,000
Source: CHS Inc.
Purpose: Short-term liquidity
Aggregate amount of financing the Company provides for customer transactions involving illiquid financial products $0.00
Percentage of customer receivable balances that the Company had to write-off as uncollectable during the past 12 months Segregated: 0.00%
Secured 30.7: 0.00%
Cleared Swaps: 0.00%